A fast, responsive and smoothly navigating site increases the number of page views. This is the key to a better conversion rate and therefore more revenue.

  • Accelerate display time
  • Make navigation easier
  • Increase PageSpeed & Yslow scores
  • Improve the SpeedIndex
  • Improve your ranking
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase your income

On an AWS EC2 instance

UBfast is available on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Ultra fast installation, scalable as needed. Deploying a CDN in minutes.


Amazon Cloudfront is Amazon's AWS CDN service. Deploying this CDN in collaboration with UBFast is very simple, especially when evaluating the effect of a CDN.


The <HtmlTweaker> is the latest module for structural optimization of HTML pages for efficient website acceleration. It increases the PageSpeed and Yslow scores and enhances the SpeedIndex of websites, which improves the ranking and increases the conversion rate.


$ BW6 is integrated into BOOSTedge's HTTP service and is the spearhead of UBfast website acceleration platform. BW6 is an HTTP server/proxy/reverse-proxy whose mission is to optimize, accelerate, secure and make reliable web sites and business applications such as ERP, CRM, etc.

Frontend d'accélération

UBfast is an acceleration frontend based on BW6 and the <HtmlTweaker>. It's a reverse-proxy deployed in front of the website. It can be installed in the infrastructure (on premise) or in the amazon cloud on an AWS EC2 instance in cooperation with the CDN cloudfront.

Best Practices' Automation
eCommerce website display time acceleration solution

1 second delay in page load time : 7% loss in conversions